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M.Ghibran Live Performance


Ghibran was born and raised in Coimbatore the western side of Tamilnadu, India. Due to unfortunate family concern, he had to discontinue the studies and by his tenth grade he and his entire family had to relocated to Chennai.

When his age is around eight or ten, he gradually developed interest and got increased craze towards music after watching Yanni performance on TV. He enrolled himself into a music college but had an earlier drop out from it. He learnt keyboard lessons from Master Paul Augustine and started his concentration towards keyboard classes part timely.  He also completed his  RSA grade 8 in both piano and music theory through Trinity college London and obtained degree in classical composition and film scoring under Australian Composer Lindsay Vickery at the LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore.

He also received an offer as an in house composer from a studio that composes music for animation and continued to work for couple of years. He then set up his own studio and started composing for over 700+ which includes songs, commericals and movies.



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